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Reaction Advanced is a new generation flexographic solvent requiring very little maintenance but very high performance, Reaction Advanced requires no additives and is Non-Flamable

✅ Low odour: Pleasant working environment and no residual odour on the plate.
✅ Non-Flammable: Flashpoint 62 °C. Improved Health & Safety and possibly Insurance premiums (worth discussing with your insurers).
✅ Fast processing: Improved productivity.
✅ Excellent solubility: Superior plate quality.
✅ Distills quickly and easily: Never needs balancing (when used in conjunction with our recommendations and operation manual).
✅ No Balancing: reduces handling of solvent by operatives.
✅ Environmentally friendly.
✅ Low Toxicity: Safe to use.
✅ Processing equipment stays cleaner: Less maintenance.

✅ Reduced environmental impact: low aromatic and naphthenic content, designed to promote better biodegradability, lower ecotoxicity and lower photochemical reactivity. The latter is designed to result in very low ozone formation potential.
✅ High purity: synthesised from methane gas, Reaction Advanced is the first washout flexographic solvent to be made from mostly iso and normal paraffins.
✅ Low odour: due to its low aromatic and naphthenic content.
✅ Designed to provide a more stable, synthetic product with consistent composition.
✅ Approved for disposal of distillation residues.


Flexographic, Pre-Press & Distillation Specialists