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Vianord Engineering Evo Series.

We sell, supply and install Vianord Equipment.

The range of equipment will include innovative processors, exposures, dryers, light finishers in size 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The EVO, Vianord new lines for flexo plates processing present several innovations in terms of design, safety, reliability, performances and maintenance.


The concept behind VIANORD engineering was born from the will of a group of highly qualified specialists in the domain of flexo plate making equipment  to create a company dedicated to the pure technological innovation of the flexographic pre-press industry.

There are today 2 types of technologies to process flexo polymer plates: flat and in the round. Vianord’s interest goes into both directions, with actually the same goal: the full automation of the entire process; starting from the CPI for digital plates, including an in-line transfer system that carries the plates from the laser to the exposure unit with a LED technology (back and main), and through the entire process until storing them into a stacker, enabling an intervention-free process of the plates.

In parallel with this project, Vianord also studies new solutions for “standard units”: a completely new look, studied by professionals of the field, new features and higher performances are the ingredients to redefine the state of the art of flexo equipment.

Easy to Plate® modular system for full automation of the process


Flexographic, Pre-Press & Distillation Specialists